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Bruce Miles welcomes you to his
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from near YORK, England.

St John's Compton

Welcome to my home site.

     Organs and organ music of various kinds are the main theme of the site.

Samples of
'English Organ' music.

Clip 1.
Clip 2.
Clip 3.
     On the Soundfonts page there are several sets of pipe organ sound samples in Soundfont (.sf2) format which you can download and play on your home computer. 'The English Organ' represents a 'straight' or Classical organ of up to about 50 stops with decidedly un-baroque tendencies. The other Soundfonts emulate the sounds of a Compton or Wurlitzer theatre organ. The sounds (with one or two exceptions) are generated in software and are not real samples
You can judge the quality of the samples by clicking on the adjacent 'Clip' links. For clarity, play these back with little or no added reverb as some is included in the recordings.

You can listen to some individual sounds in detail on the new Organ Sounds page, at present incomplete and under construction.

Comments are very welcome.

Link to the Soundfonts page
Samples of
'Cinema Organ' music.

Clip 1.
Clip 2.
Clip 3.

The Midi Consoles page features two important 'CONSOLE' programmes, jOrgan and Miditzer. These emulate the organ console and provide the relays which control the sounds heard as different controls are used and keys are pressed. They can be operated from a midi source such as a keyboard or console either virtual on screen or 'real', a midi file, or a midi scoring programme.. jOrgan, by Sven Meier can be configured to emulate any size and type of classical or theatre pipe organ. Miditzer by Jim Henry needs very little setting up and accurately emulates two types of Wurlitzer Theatre Organ.

Utilities Page describes and links to download sites for programmes relevant to the soundfonts. These include an English version of 'Klangsynth', which I used to generate most of the underlying audio samples.

     Here are some photographs of organ consoles and brief details of a typical Compton cinema organ of the 1930s.
Link to the Consoles page.

     The classical organ which until recently I played regularly on Sunday mornings is described on the St. John's page It is listed as 'Grade I' in the Natonal Pipe Organ Register because of its pioneering design and outstanding tone qualities.

To e-mail me please see the Mail page

Copyright. To the best of my knowledge all the music (ie the tunes) used on this site is in the Public Domain and not subject to copyright licensing.

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