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Utilities page.

This page contains information and download links for programmes and utilities referred to on this site.
Sites are forever changing their addresses - so if a download link doesn't work, try a web search.

A comprehensive freeware compression/decompression utility. If you do not have Windows XP or Winzip you will need it to decompress the Supporting Files and Klangsynth downloads below. Handles .zip, .rar and most other compressed formats but not compressed soundfont files. WindowsXP includes a Zip utility.
Download here

A utility especially for compressing and de-compressing .sf2 soundfont files, zip is not effective for soundfont files. sfArk was used to create the self-extracting Soundfont files on this site so it is not normally needed to obtain the .sf2 files. It is available for PC, and (decompression only) for Mac and Linux. Freeware for non-commercial use.
Download here.

Hubi's Midicable.
This enables you to interconnect midi ports and programmes within your computer with complete flexibility, that is, up to Windows 98. Hubi's is not fully compatible with Windows XP, but you can use the section that does work (the single connector part), alone for simple one-to-one connections, or, for full functionality, in conjunction with Midiyoke NT (below). The Hubi's included Readme file is rather opaque - try this alternative set of installation instructions. here. Freeware.
Download here.

Midi-ox and Midi Yoke
Midi-ox is a very comprehensive and versatile MIDI monitor and editor. Allows your computer keyboard to be used to select patches, can carry out complex MIDI-mapping and much more. Can 'split' a single keyboard so you can play on more than one manual.
Midi Yoke, from the same site, is an interconnection utility similar to Hubi's Midicable. For Windows XP, you need Midiyoke NT which provides MIDI nodes but not MIDI connector 'cables'. For Windows Vista disable User Account Control (via Control Panel) to enable installation. For full functionality in XP and Vista you can use with Midiox or, more conveniently, the virtual 'cables' part of Hubi's Midicable (see above). Freeware.
Download here.

Viena (one 'n') is a soundfont editor similar to Vienna (two n's) but does not require a Creative soundcard to be installed. Freeware. Download via Synthfont and Downloads pages
Download here

Awave Studio.
A Rolls-Royce soundfont and wav editor. Makes editing sound samples and creating soundfonts from them easy. Can convert between different soundfont and other sound collection formats and also between different sound (.wav, .mp3 etc) formats. Very comprehensive and very easy to use. There is a free 30 day trial version. Not free, but highly recommended.
Details and download here.

This is an Additive Synthesis programme used to create the samples which underlie the Soundfonts. Originally written in German by Andreas Sims, he has given permission for the programme and helpfile to be translated into English and made available for download here. The amplitude and frequency envelopes of the individual harmonics up to the 33rd, and the noise content, can be configured in detail to produce 1 second .wav samples. These can then be edited, looped and compiled into 'instruments' (organ stops or pipe ranks) and incorporated into the soundfont using Awave Studio, Vienna or other soundfont editor. A Klangsynth 'Preset' file containing several example sounds is included in the download to help you get started. Freeware.
Download here

This is a gem of waveform editor, very easy to use, comprehensive and inexpensive. Will not loop waveforms or compile soundfonts - you will need Awave Studio or Vien(n)a for this.
Download here

Mainly useful for generating noise based signals (percussions and wind noise components). A very interesting interface. Freeware. Download here

Sfz, a software Soundfont synthesiser, may be used in place of a Creative soundcard. Almost any soundcard will provide the required audio output. Requires ASIO drivers - here. Sfz's built in reverb is not very good and a plug-in of some kind is required.
Download Sfz here. Freeware.

Note for users of Cakewalk. Cakewalk may cause problems by disabling the Creative soundfont management system. This behaviour can be supressed by connecting Hubi's Midicable or Midiox between the sequencer output and the synthesiser. Alternatively the Kx drivers may be used in place of the native drivers.

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