Addendum: How to create a jOrgan Test Kit

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A jOrgan Test Kit (jOTK) is one way of the variety of setups the jOrgan/Java principle offers.
It builds on jOrgan's FluidSynth extension. It's matrix is to be constructed very simple.

  • Create a root folder, name it e. g. "jOrgan314_Test_Kit_church_organ_John_Reimer_Earlwood_4"

Into that root folder, do copy the following program folders:

  • the jOrgan folder (containing the jOrgan shell and all necessary files)
  • the Java folder (containing the Java Runtime Environment)
  • the disposition (containing all necessary files to run a jOrgan instrument)
  • the starter batch file

All files depend on each other, and are connected and started through the starter batch file.

JOrgan Test Kit folder structure.jpg

Starter Batch File a simple Notepad text file. The starter batch file is based on DOS.
DOS is still present in any Windows Operating System since Windows 3.1.
To convert the text file a batch file, rename the file ending from ".txt" to ".bat".

The magical variable which makes a totally portable construction possible, is


Not pretty well documented in the DOS specifications, if retrieved, it delivers the complete path of the root folder the starter batch file is contained in.

For defining an independent Java environment suitable only for the application started, some variables need to be defined.
When closing the program, all variables are emptied, and the operation system is still in the condition it was before starting the Portable.

set JAVA_HOME=%CD%\JAVA16029b11\

set PATH=%CD%\JAVA16029b11\bin;%PATH%

set CLASSPATH=%CD%\JAVA16029b11\bin;%PATH%

For control, those variables can be retrieved using the ECHO command, e. g.


Then, jOrgan and the instrument itself have to be started from inside the root folder:

start /min java -jar jOrgan_314\jorgan.jar EARLWOOD_4_314new\Earlwood_4_314.disposition

Here the command line points just to the matching files in the matching folders.

Thus, the whole starter batch file contains:

@echo off

set JAVA_HOME=%CD%\JAVA16029b11\

set PATH=%CD%\JAVA16029b11\bin;%PATH%

set CLASSPATH=%CD%\JAVA16029b11\bin;%PATH%

start /min java -jar jOrgan_314\jorgan.jar EARLWOOD_4_314new\Earlwood_4_314.disposition

If wished, that matrix can be used for any jOrgan FluidSynth disposition.
Once constructed, all files can be upgraded easily, if new releases are available.