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Creative Labs has create a large variety of wikipedia:Sound Blaster soundcards over the years:

  • SoundBlaster Pro, 16
  • SoundBlaster Live
  • SoundBlaster Live 24
  • Audigy 2 Series
  • Audigy 4 Series
  • Audigy 2ZS Series
  • X-Fi Series

jOrgan offers special support for Creative soundcards through the Creative extension.

Driving Multiple Soundcards

The present polyphony limit with Creative soundcards are 32 channels (on two synthesizers) and 64 notes sounding independently. To get better polyphony you will need to use multiple cards. Most P.C.s can take three cards.

kX Project

There is a problem, however, with the Creative drivers and Windows (which has generic drivers for many of the Creative cards)in that they do not, reliably run more than two cards together.

The independantly developed driver by the kX Project allows the use of multiple SoundBlaster Cards from Creative that use the EMU1010 processor (For Windows PC’s).

The kX Project's drivers will not work for the X-fi series and a few of the other Creative soundcards.

See the Installing multiple Soundblaster cards with kX Drivers for a step-by-step guide.