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You're welcome to join the discussion on our mailing lists:

jOrgan-User (English)

jOrgan-specific topics: installation, disposition development, Midi, general help

jOrgan-Sound (English)

sound-related topics: soundfonts, sample sets, wave files, looping, anything audio related, sound rendering engines: fluidsynth, SFZ, Kontakt, Sound Blaster, etc., sound quality, anything related to actual sound production

jOrgan-Anwender (Deutsch)

Just click on one of the subscription links above and your email program will generate a suitable subscription request. Wait for a confirmation email which will provide instructions on how to confirm your subscription.

Please post your problems, questions and suggestions to the listed email adress. If you receive a message from the mailing list, just hit 'Reply' in your favorite mail reader and the discussion will be kept public for all subscribers.

The readers of the jOrgan mailing list have agreed on the following protocol:

  • Try to stay on topic most of the time.
  • For the occasional, possibly flippant, aside, precede the subject with "OT".
  • If a different but related topic arises from a post, use the "Topic B, was topic A" form but only let it run for one or two posts before dropping topic A from the title and letting both threads keep to their own topics.
  • Chop off EXCESSIVE tails of previous posts.
  • At least include the relevant part of the previous post to which you are replying.
  • Add your reply ABOVE the existing thread to give a uniform place for all to find it.


If you prefer a more forum-like appearance, you might want to try our mailing lists archive on nabble.com, which even allows posts to our list via a web form.

Alternatively you can access our archive on Gmane with your webbrowser, NNTP newsreader or a suitable client for our RSS feed.

Note that a subscription to our mailing list is always required.

If you have an urgent question you might meet other jOrgan users on our wikipedia:IRC channel ##jorgan (note the double # character).