Fluidsynth sound

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Requires the Fluidsynth extension.

With the Fluidsynth sound element you can embed a Fluidsynth sampler in jOrgan. It isn't restricted to the common 16 wikipedia:Midi channels and offers automatic loading of a Soundfont.


The Soundfont to load.
A bank offset to apply to the loaded Soundfont.
Cores to use for sound synthesis.
The number of wikipedia:Midi channels to use from 16 to 256.
Polyphony limit from 16 to 4096.
audio driver
Leave blank to use the default. On wikipedia:Linux you can select ALSA or JACK, on [[wikipedia:>Windows]] Fluidsynth supports wikipedia:dsound.
audio device
The audio device to use, leave blank to use the default or select one of the available options depending on the selected audio driver.
The number of audio buffers.
buffer size
The size of each audio buffer.
sample rate
The sample rate.
Interpolation method.

References to

Reverb and chorus
The effects controllers.

Referenced from

The ranks that use the sounds of this element.




Configured tunings to be used by referencing ranks.

A rank or switch filter selects a tuning by sending a wikipedia:RPN (0,3) Midi message. In the following example the 2nd tuning is selected:

Name MPL
Engaged set 176, set 101, set 0
Engaged set 176, set 100, set 3
Engaged set 176, set 6, set 2