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Hi, I'm Graham and I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have been an avid user and supporter of jOrgan from the beginning of the 3.0 series. I use jOrgan in Linux (Ubuntu and Puppy), and in Windows (XP and Win 7). I'm a technical writer by trade (I write help documentation for users of an enterprise level workflow platform based in the .NET Windows and SharePoint world), and have various hobbies that keep me very busy (as if I wasn't busy enough keeping up with my partner, two children, two cats, garden, etc., etc.).

I have also produced the jOrgan Pup Linux distribution that is based on Puppy Linux 5.1.

New Dispositions

I am working on releases of the Barton Theatre Organ soundfont, and so will have a 3/7 and a 3/10 package available soon.


Freedom Special 3-29 for jOrgan 3.15 and later:

Barton Theatre Organ

The Barton Series for Fluidsynth - Barton 3/7, Redford Barton 3/10, and Barton 3/12

Barton Theatre Organ for Gigastudio/LinuxSampler users:

Gigasample Barton Theatre Organ Series

Freedom Morton Series

Freedom Morton 2/6

Freedom Morton 2/6

Freedom Morton 3/10

Freedom Morton 3/10 Beta