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Currently, this is a draft.

The Best Is Yet To Come



jOrgan is a Java-based MIDI-Processor. It's open architecture allows for complex transmitting and dynamical modifying of MIDI-Messages on their way between MIDI-Encoders and MIDI-Decoders, through an own MIDI Programming Language MPL.

The jOrgan core...

The jOrgan Extensions allow to...

This program is wikipedia:free software - if you have any problems or questions please feel free to join our discussion. You could also contribute to documentation by adding/modifying this wiki.

How can I use jOrgan?

jOrgan lets you use your computer as, e. g., a full featured virtual organ. Here's a simple chart that illustrates where jOrgan fits into the overall "organ" scheme. It recognizes that jOrgan and any associated sound rendering aspect are two separate components.

Where jorgan is situated.png

Many jOrgan users have created their own custom dispositions to meet their personal needs. Links to their shared work can be found under "Shared Dispositions".

(this is a variety only. Click to enlarge.)

Screenshot neu.png Stiehr-Mockers.png JB3.png
Hbo 20 console 1.jpg English Cathedral.png Christie sm.PNG
Balzan VPO 01.jpg



Note that you have to open the latest folder on the download page, for the latest version.

Latest installer for Windows
Latest package for Linux
Latest bundle for MAC

Resources And Research

may contain both internal and external links

jOrgan mailing lists archive at Nabble (forum-like appearance)
perform an advanced Nabble archive research
jorgan-user mailing list archive at Gmane



jOrgan is freeware since it's birth, in 2003. Nevertheless, the current source code is done by Sven Meier. Any donations are very welcome. Donations are easy-done via PayPal. Thank you.

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Wiki Languages

In 2015, a German translation of the jOrgan Wiki is initiated. This work is under progress. Contributors are very welcome!

jOrgan Wiki Deutsch


Source code

jOrgan project at Sourceforge


Contribute To jOrgan

From the very beginning, jOrgan is team work. There are several tasks which need maintenance.

This is a Wiki administered by real persons. If you wish to contribute something to jOrgan, you'll need an account with 'edit' privileges. Use the 'request account' link on top-right of this page, please, and wait patiently for replies, from our administrators.

Current Contribution Tasks

  • maintain the jOrgan language files (currently: English, Czech, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian)
  • add languages
  • pending feature requests


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