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The jOrgan LAN extension allows you to setup network based connections between jOrgan dispositions located on different computers on the network. It also allows you to send MIDI messages over MIDI multimidicast to other multimidicast clients (ipMIDI, multimidicast for Windows and Linux, LinuxSampler, etc,).

The simplest setup is jOrgan to jOrgan.

1. Configuring jOrgan LAN a) Run jOrgan on each of the computers that you will be connecting over the LAN b) Click on View -> Configuration c) Select 'LAN' from the Configuration options d) Modify the values of the Sender and Receiver counts to match what your configuration will be.

2. Configure the jOrgan Dispostions For example, if I have three computers on the LAN, with a Main jOrgan disposition sending LAN signals to the other two, I will configure Two Sender and Two Receiver LAN counts for each of the jOrgan installations.

In the main disposition I will create a Generic Sound element and configure the MIDI output to jOrgan LAN 1. I will then create a second Generic Sound elements and configure its MIDI Output to jOrgan LAN 2.

On the first receiving computer I will configure the jOrgan keyboard elements to use jOrgan LAN 1.

On the second receiving computer I will configure the jOrgan keyboards elements to use jOrgan LAN 2.

Now, whatever MIDI signals I send through the first Generic Sound element on the main computer will be received by the first client/receiver computer and that disposition can create whatever sounds need to created...

I could also send Console Connector messages through the LAN elements, and in that way control Stops, etc. on the client jOrgan dispositions.

jOrgan to other multimidicast clients:

jOrgan LAN 1 should broadcast to multimidicast 1 / ipMIDI 1 jOrgan LAN 2 should broadcast to multimidicast 2 / ipMIDI 2

So, one could setup Kontakt on client computer to receive signals on the virtual ipMIDI 1 port, and the main jOrgan computer would then be sending those signals through the jOrgan LAN 1 directly to Kontakt.