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jOrgan Pup 2011.6


jOrgan Pup 2011.6 is a Puppy Linux 5.2.5 based Live CD distribution that comes with jOrgan and various instruments pre-installed. Please see the list below for further details on which instruments are included in this release. The Live CD can be booted straight from your CD or DVD drive, and all the instruments can be configured and played directly from the CD - allowing you to test the performance of your computer without having to mess with the current operating system. You can then create a Save file that will contain all your local configurations (which means that you just boot from the CD to play again), or install the CD to a USB memory stick or to a Harddrive.

There are two software reverberation systems configured in this release of jOrgan Pup - Fluidsynth Reverb, and Convolution Reverb. All of the BCA argonon's have been configured with no fluidsynth reverb settings. This is so that you can experience the argonons with the more realistic convolution reverb engine. Please see the Working with Convolution Reverb topic before you load and play any of these dispositions. Many of the other dispositions have new settings that allow you to adjust the fluidsynth reverb configuration to better suit your taste and audio environment.


In order to use jOrgan Pup you need to agree to the various licenses that govern the software and sample sets included on the CD.

Basically all these licenses boil down to the fact that everything on the CD is available for free for your own personal use, and that you are not allowed to create or use the contents of this CD image commercially.

Before proceeding to the download page, please read the licenses page to familiarize yourself with what you are agreeing to: jOrgan Pup Licenses.

Tutorial Steps

jOrgan Dispositions Included in the Live CD

The following jOrgan 3.14 Beta 1 organs and instruments are included in the 2011.6 Live CD:

  • BCA Baroque-Classicistical Argonon BKA 1.1
  • BCA Hanseatic Baroque Organ HBO 1.2.1
  • BCA CavaillĂ©-Coll 2.0
  • BCA Gottfried Silbermann Village Argonon SVA 1.0
  • BCA French Symphonic Argonon - SAGRADA FAMILIA 2.1
  • Rick's Christie Theatre Organ
  • John's Earlwoods 1c, 2, and 3b
  • Graham's General MIDI
  • JL's Hammond
  • JL's Stiehr Mockers (Jeuxdorges2)
  • JP's Hammond B3
  • Panos' Cronenbourg
  • Panos' German Baroque Organ (GBO)
  • Panos' Oberhausbergen
  • Paul's American Classic Organ Series
  • Paul's English Cathedral Organ
  • Paul's Silbermann Series
  • Paul's Prudhoe Methodist Organ
  • Paul's St Augustine's
  • Paul's St Stephen's
  • Paul's Flemish Grand Harpsichord

Other Installed Software

Known Issues

  • JP's Classic Pop disposition is on the CD but the shortcut is not in the Menu - a fix for this will be provided in a couple of weeks
  • One audio device has had an issue with starting the Jack Audio Server - we are investigating and will provide a fix if needed

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