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jOrgan java application should run flawlessly on Windows XP, Vista and 7. Download the installer and start it with a mouse double click. If you're not sure, choose the first listed on the link below. Both 32 and 64 bit versions as well as older versions are also available here:



A Java Runtime Environment is required to run jOrgan on any operating system. The Java Runtime on Windows is available in two flavors, online and offline. We recommend the offline installer available at www.java.com.


Optional Virtual Midi Devices may be necessary to connect jOrgan to other wikipedia:Midi programs:

MIDI-OX is an optional Midi stream processor application which allows you to view and process raw Midi data. It is helpful when trying to determine what Midi channels and signals your controller device is generating. This makes it easier to configure jOrgan properly.


Some audio programs (e.g. software sound generators) require an wikipedia:ASIO driver to be able to link their sound output to your sound card. The ASIO 4 All driver is fairly easy to install and use and has proven to work well with most sound cards.